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I am a midwife of the soul...sitting alongside, noticing and offering support when needed, but otherwise allowing people to unfold...slowly blossoming as they are reborn through their own efforts towards healing. -Tinneca

For all my life, I've been interested in they feel and think and how I could help those that were suffering. This interest led me first to birth work and midwifery 20 years ago and then in 2015 I was formally introduced to mindfulness  and meditation. 

Midwifery allowed me to learn from hundreds of women, share life history and support them during the often intense experience of pregnancy, birth and motherhood. Most importantly, it gave me unparalleled insights into the human condition and I was witness to the incredible healing and reclamation of wholeness that was made possible through a safe, respectful, and empowered birth. Over the years of witnessing women overcome trauma through a healing birth, I began to get the idea I wanted to support people outside of birth work.

As I attended more births, my personal mindfulness and meditation practice became my place of rest and restoration for deep connection to my spirit and God as my 24/7 on call midwife life and raising a family became more challenging. I noticed how grounded I felt after taking time to meditate daily and I wanted to share this with others. I began teaching meditation and became certified in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction. My quest for other ways to heal myself and guide others was set...


In 2016 I went back to school for somatic studies at the Soma Institute for Structural Integration and what I learned changed my life. One of my most important takeaways was; It's not possible to experience an emotion without triggering a range of responses within the physical body. When we dismiss the sensations in our body, we invite unwellness into our life. This realization, along with my own powerful release of chronic traumatic stress during a soma session, was my primary catalyst to become a somatic therapist.

During this same time my husband and I were co-created an outdoor nature school and organic farm on our homestead, Timber Creek Farm and ForestThrough the school I've spent thousands of hours immersed in nature and developed a number of nature based somatic practices that are wonderful for all ages, especially for those with anxiety, depression, atypical learning and communication styles, the disabled, and those that have experienced trauma. Kids and adults alike thrive as they discover there is a place in this world not only for others, but for themselves as well.

Drawing on these 20 years of life experiences, my approach focuses first on true connection, genuine love and  trust for my clients and it is from this foundation that I offer modalities which engage body, mind and soul to support the healing process in a mindful, playful, and compassionate way. I'm always in awe at the incredible growth clients and students experience and am humbled I'm able to offer something that eases peoples pain and suffering and brings new joy and levity to their lives. 


In my personal life,  I do continue to practice midwifery but no longer catch babies. I'm a wife and mother of 5 incredible children plus many others that have been loved and fostered by my family. I love spending time with my husband, performing music around town with him, reading, learning and watching my children grow. My way of being in the world is deeply informed by daily meditation and my own personal experiences with somatic practices.

Experience a session for yourself or schedule a session for your child by scheduling HERE.

My licenses and advanced certifications are: Licensed Midwife (MW60621168), Licensed Massage Therapist & Somatic Educator (MA61296111), Level 1 Somatic Experiencing Certificate, Certified Soma Structural Integration Practitioner, Certified Pelvic Floor Yoga practitioner, Certified MBSR, Yin Yoga and Meditation teacher and Certified Mediator.

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